Saturday, November 11, 2006


Elizabeth Fackler, a fine writer whether she's turning out a western or a mystery, has decided to try publishing for herself. You can get all the details at the following address.

As I've mentiond before, I'm not much for episodic tv. The only show I watch faithfully is Monk. It rarely disappoints me. Now I need to add another show to my list, that being Desperate Housewives. Carol watches it more often than not. I tried it a few times but just didn't get into it. Last Sunday night's show, however, was of Emmy-winning quality in writing, acting and directing. I can't recall seeing an hour long drama with this many twists and turns. Nor one that managed to mix the sardonic with the pathetic so skillfully.

This morning TCM played the first four Bugs Bunny cartoons. Interesting to see how Bugs evolved so quickly from an annoying wabbit into a fully developed sociopathic nuisance. It was also interesting to see how differently four directors handled him. For all the praise Bugs gets, my favorite Warner cartoon character is still Sylvester the cat. In the WB canon, he's the one true outsider.

Cable will be showing both The Iceman Cometh and Madame Bovary in December. Please to watch. As I've mentioned before, this was Robert Ryan's last film and it was clear he was dying in the course of it. His performance is matched by that of Lee Marvin and Jeff Bridges. While Jason Robards' version is considered the definitive one, this American Theater take on the Eugene O'Neill classic has a seedy power all its own. Madame Bovary is the Claude Chabrol version and it is stunning in every respect. Isabelle Huppert is almost ridiculously beautiful in the lead role. And her gradual breakdown is shocking in its truth. It'll stay with you a long, long time. I promise.


I. Michael Koontz said...


A few thoughts of my own on your last few posts.

Robert Ryan--always loved him; never in a bad film nor giving of a 'mailed-in' performance. He and Sterling Hayden remain my two favorite actors of their type in film (and I'm always getting them confused). Some actors 'act' without 'acting,' and these were two masters of that art.

Daffy Duck is the man, period. I like Sylverster, but without Tweety, he's only a shadow. Daffy, however, takes 'em all on. Bugs; Yosemite Sam; Ghosts, and 'Neon Noodle.'

Pauline Kael: Hate to say it, but I could never stand her and her de Palma obsession, though her New Yorker reviews were lessons in brevity without sacrificing wit and information. John Huston once referred to her by a word that begins with the 3rd letter of the alphabet. I'd settle for the 2nd letter, myself.

Anyway, keep posting: I especially love the cinema stuff!

Anonymous said...

what cable channel will be carrying Iceman and Bovary?