Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jack O'Connell; The Poker Club; Eater

There's a long, rich Jack O'Connell interview waiting to be read right here http://www.omnivoracious.com/2008/07/the-resurrectio.html Jack discusses his masterful new novel that is being praised both here and in Europe The Ressurectionist as well as his thoughts about the writing process, publishing and surviving as man and writer in our troubled times. Excellent interview.


Rich Chizmar, writer and publisher of Cemetery Dance, has in the past five years or so turned his attention a good deal of his attention to Hollywood. Rich with his partner actor-writer Jonathan Scacheech wrote and produced the film version of my novel The Poker Club. Rich told me today that Screen Gems will be releasing it on DVD yet this year.


And speaking of Rich and Jonathan, they're writing and producing Stephen King's feature film From a Buick 8. And tomorow night the first of two scripts they've written for NBC's Fear will be aired. It's based on Peter Crowther's story Eater. Pete sent it to me several years ago soon after finishing it. I e-mailed him right way in London and said this has gotta be filmed. Think of the chiller with a supernatural twist. It's really intense. Pete's written extraordinarily good mystery and suspense as well as science fiction and horror. In Eater it all comes together.

Tomorrow night. NBC. Be there. Aloha.


Todd Mason said...

Excellent. Since FEAR ITSELF has been pretty much a bust so far, and I was hoping this episode might pull it out of the doldrums...the third episode wasn't too shabby, but only just. The other three so far have ranged from abysmal to Why?

is the blog I've been doing for TV GUIDE on FEAR ITSELF. I put the link in my name, too.

Todd Mason said...

FEAR ITSELF, Thursday nights on NBC, 10p ET/PT, 9pm CT (8 or 9 MT, depending).

Also visible on the web at

"Eater" will probably be posted on Hulu sometime after Friday. The least bad previous episode is "The Family Man."

And I'm looking forward to seeing THE POKER CLUB.

Todd Mason said...

FWIW, it's up. And the episode was the best FEAR ITSELF so far.