Wednesday, August 13, 2008


gin forwarded message:

From: The Mystery Company

Date: August 13, 2008 3:05:26 PM EDT


Subject: Power outage


The power's out in our building; looks like it's going to be out for a little while now. We're closed at the moment; will re-open as soon as we possibly can. The phones are also down.

A pole behind us snapped, crashing down on the roof of the building behind us, wires, transformers and all. Duke Energy crews are working as I write this. (I'm out of the building myself right now; I left to find an internet connection so that I could send this message.)

I'll continue to monitor the situation, and let you know as soon as we re-open.

In the meantime, we are of course open online at I hope you'll browse our inventory there. You can make purchases using our shopping cart and secure server. As always, there's free standard shipping on all orders placed over the website to all US addresses. We can really use your orders, being forced to closed like this; we need to find some dollars somewhere today! We'll offer 20% off ALL website orders of 2 or more in-stock books for the next 24 hours, 'til 3 pm tomorrow.

I'd intended to write you all today to tell you about how much we enjoyed all our events last week, including the overtime victory of Austin Lugar's Shameless Shamuses team in our 100 Favorite Mysteries gameshow at Glendale on Saturday. And I planned to encourage you to attend our send-off party for Austin, this Sunday evening, August 17, at 5:30 at the store (for dinner). But I'm kind of frazzled by the disruption here.

Hope to be back in touch with you all soon with the news that we're open again.

Yours in the dark,

Jim Huang
The Mystery Company &

Kate Stine, Editor in chief
Mystery Scene Magazine
331 W. 57th Street, Suite 148
New York, NY 10019-3101
Tel: 212-765-7124
NEW FAX NUMBER 212-202-3540

FROM ED---------------------------------------

I've mentioned my friend Jim Rigney before. He wrote international fantasy bestsellers under the name Robert Jordan. Jim passed on nearly a year ago. His wife famous Tor editor Harriet McDougal and I have exchanged e mails through the months. Recentlyy she asked me if I'd like his impressive collection of John Dickson Carr novels. Jim and I talked about Carr a lot. He's one of the few Golden Agers I still enjoy. Anyway the books arrived in two huge boxes today. This is special gift and privilege.


Congratulations to Bookgasm on its third birthday. It gets better every day!


I need to get in touch with somebody who is a real Mac expert. Reasonable rates but very willing to pay.

I also need to get in touch with somebody who can put together a full page ad for me. Same rates as above.

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