Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dancing withe the agent what brung yiz

Is it just me and my disconnected life here in Ioway or has a lot of the talk about changing agents sort of drifted away?.

There was a time, a year ago say, when a number of writers were talking about dumping agents and moving on to new magic ones. Believe me, I've had a few bum agents myself so I sympathised. But then I always try to keep in mind that I've been a bum client for a few agents (maybe more than a few) as well. Two way street.

But not so much talk about the agent leap-frogging now. Maybe it's because most if not many agents don't had the clout they had even a few years ago. Just as Hwood has tightened star budgets, so have, in some (and I stress SOME) imprints at SOME publishing houses. They still wildly overpay for certain books but not as much as before and not as often.

A lot of take and or leave it today. Agents seem to go through a little pro form dance knowing full well that they'll generally have to settle or lose the deal. Ask any mid-lister if this isn't the case.

I've never been privvy to the inner workings of the mega-agencies but I suspect that even they aren't quite as successful across the board as they once were.

All this is as intractable, alas, as Iraq.

I'll end on a happy note. A prominent editor said today that mass market sales are up sigificantly over the last two years.

This is something that writers, agents and publishers alike should celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

Ending your post with a happy note to celebrate says more than just a simple message. From it we can learn that no matter how messy and unbearable things become, at the end of the day we still must be happy and thankful for there is still blessing.

Hewlett from Recette entrĂ©e froide