Sunday, January 14, 2007

Elizabeth Foxwell-Clues The Partesky issue

Elizabeth Foxwell is a fine writer of fiction, a fine editor-anthologist, and a fine guiding hand/ managing editor of Clues. She's handed Sara Paretsky one of the grand prizes in the game of novel writing. An entire issue examining all of Paretsk's work in great and enjoyable depth. I can't improve on the piece posted on Rara-Avis tonight. So I'll just run it here. I've read the issue and it's illuminating in every respect.

The winter 2007 issue of _Clues: A Journal of Detection_ has been
published, which focuses on author Sara Paretsky, in honor of the 25th
anniversary of the debut of V. I. Warshawski. The table of contents
appears below; further details at

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Elizabeth Foxwell
Managing Editor, _Clues: A Journal of Detection_

Clues: A Journal of Detection
Vol 25, No. 2 Winter 2007
Theme Issue: Sara Paretsky

Introduction - Margaret Kinsman

Ruined Landscapes, Flooding Tunnels, Dark Paths: Sara Paretsky’s
Gothic Vision
Susan Allen Ford

Mythical Musical Connections: The Mother-Daughter Bond in the Work of
Sara Paretsky
Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Carrollee Kaufman Hevener

V. I. Talks Back: Sara Paretsky’s Unlikable Characters as Foes and Foils
Rachel Schaffer

Homeless Women and Social Justice in Sara Paretsky’s _Tunnel Vision_
Donna M. Bickford

Defining the Enemy: Housewives and Detectives
K Edgington

New Maps of Chicago: Sara Paretsky’s _Blood Shot_
Tim Dayton


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