Monday, March 26, 2007

Ten Overlooked Classics; Richard Wheeler

Sf Site used to ask writers to list ten novels that they felt had been overlooked or unjustly forgotten. Here are ten crime novels, in no particular order, that I think should be read and re-read.

Odds Against Tomorrow William P. McGivern
The 31st of February Julian Symons
How Like An Angel Margaret Millar
The Blank Wall Elizabeth Sanxay Holding
Night and The City Gerald Kersh
The Far Cry Fredric Brown
Cocaine and Blue Eyes Fred Zackel
True Confessions John Gregory Dunne
On The Yard Malcolm Braly
Something in The Shadows Vin Packer

From Richard Wheeler


News that Anna Nicole Smith died, in part, from chloral hydrate awakened memories in me. Sure enough, that was the ingredient of the Mickey Finn. The encyclopedias claim it originated early in the 20th century, but I have found references to it being employed on the Barbary Coast in the 19th, and have occasionally used it in my western stories. It is a weird drug to prescribe in modern times.


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