Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Lee Goldberg wrote one of my favorite novels of the past few years, THE MAN WITH THE IRON ON BADGE, and he brings that same kind of skill to focus on the novels he writes about the TV detective Monk (which also happens to be my favorite TV show).

Mr. Monk and The Two Assistants is the best Monk novel yet. Remember Monk's fist assistant, the demonstrative Sharona Fleming? She reappears in hopes that Monk will help her prove that her husband is innocent of the murder charge he's facing. Of course Monk now has a new assistant, the more refined Natalie Teeger. Needless to say this novel isn't big enough to hold both of them. Not only must Monk deal with murder and his numerous neuroses, he must also wriggle his way between his two assistants.

There is some especially good detection here as well as some of Monk's most impressive battles with germs. Goldberg not only writes the novels, he also writes some of the TV scripts. His affection for the series shines through in these novels that are so rich with humor and character.

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