Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No recommendations before their time

I'm going broke from reading recommendations.

First James Reasoner recommends a Longarm that read like a Three Mesquiteers, an oater series that all small-town kids my age are familiar with. I haven't read a Longarm in twenty years but that made me curious so I ordered it.

Then I read a review of Christopher Golden's new book and being a big Golden fan I ordered it.

Then I read through Entertainment Weekly and their pick of the week is a debut novel that is a comic riff on the 50s formula of Lesbians in Big Business and they also exulted over a new noir DVD that contains several interesting films so I ordered them both.

This after dropping considerable coin at Half Price where I found, among too many other things, a very nifty collection of Clifford Odets plays as well as a collection of Robert Bechley essays and a collected stories of Katherine Anne Porter.

Tomorrow I'll review the new collecton of Ross Macdonald stories published by Crippen & Landru with a long and fine introduction by Tom Nolan.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I know what you mean. Reading blogs can be dangerous to your budget, but you do get more idiosyncratic, interesting recommendations. Not just the usual NYT fare.

Unknown said...

If we ever get together, Ed, I'll tell you all about the time Katherine Anne Porter came to Brownwood, Texas, when I was teaching there. I wish I'd taken photos, but the stories are pretty good without them.

DGB said...

Boy, it's a good thing all published writers are rich, huh? (Add degrees of sarcasm to taste.) I started buying books so I'd have enough when I retire because I figured I wouldn't have enough money then to buy as many titles as I'd want. Then I realized that I wouldn't have the money after retirement because I was spending it all now to build up by book nest egg.