Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Detective; Nicky Hilton

Every once in a while I read a novel that reminds me why I've spent a good share of my life reading fiction. Loren D. Estleman's American Detective is such a book.

Characters, plot, milieu all dazzle as private investigator Amos Walker tries to help former Detroit Tigers pitching ace Philip Darius Fuller stop his daughter Dierdre from getting even more involved with a sleaze named Hilary Bairn. Estleman is often compared to Raymond Chandler but in most respects I think he's a better writer. Not as playful maybe in the telling but far superior in drawing characters (to me Chandler's people are generally types from B movies) and twisting plots. And just being enjoyable as hell to read. He's realistic downscale to Robert B. Parker's L.L. Bean upscale. I'll take the downscale.

For pure pleasure, American Detective is a novel you should buy post haste.


From Page Six this morning:

January 22, 2008 -- While most of the celebrities at Sundance came to see movies or promote them, and actually do some work, the usual hangers-on came along for the ride just to party and cause chaos in Park City.

Nicky Hilton, her boyfriend, David Katzenberg and their entourage hit Club Stereo, which took over Doolin's bar on Main Street, for the Anamigo party on Friday. Katzenberg stood in a corner at the club pulling down his belted jeans and taking pictures of his private parts bulging through his gray boxer briefs, while Nicky giggled next to him.

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mybillcrider said...

Paris and Nicky. What a combo they make!