Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yandro, DuBois & Gorman

Back in 1957, when I was fifteen, I subscribed to my first science fiction fanzine, Yandro. Published by Buck and Juanita Coulson (yes, the Juanita well-known for her science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels) the monthly fanzine regularly featured articles and letters by Robert Bloch, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Philip Jose Farmer, Gene DeWeese, (occasionally my idol) Robert Silverberg and many, many more. Heady stuff for a teenager. Then Roger Ebert started appearing there followed by outlanders like me. Yandro remained my most-sought fanzine for well over a decade. In later years another now familiar name started appearing there, too, one Brendan DuBois, one of the finest writers in the entire field of crime fiction.

Well, today,two Yandro graduates, DuBois and Gorman, got a very cool nod from the sf field. Locus critic David Truesdale, listing his favorite short fiction for 2007

in short stories:

The Unpug War by Brendan DuBois

and in novelettes:

Moral Imperative by Ed Gorman

(both from the anthology Man vs. Machine from DAW edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg)

Tonight I got an e-mail from Brendan which reads, in part:


What a kick, eh? With my long time love of SF, I always get a thrill
being in an SF anthology, though I have *yet* to break the American SF
magazine market, after (gasp!) thirty years....

Ed here: And it really is a kick. Yandro forever!


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mybillcrider said...

Congrats to youse guys. Well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

Never been able to crack the SF market myself, Ed. Kudos to you and Brendan.