Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Dogs of Summer

New York Magazine ran this article about which superhero movies might be superbad and why:

Playing Super-Devil's Advocate: Which Superhero Movie Will Suck?
Courtesy of Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros.
Usually as the summer approaches, it's easy to tell which blockbuster movies will be great and which ones will be lousy. But in the case of this year's four big superhero franchise movies, the Hollywood hype machine has done a remarkable job. As of today, anyway, the buzz on all four movies – Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, and Hellboy 2 – ranges from fairly positive to overwhelmingly positive. But long, bitter experience with summer moviegoing assures us that there's no way all four of these films will be as awesome as everyone currently thinks they will be. So which one will overcome its great trailer, smart casting, and expensive action to be a total dog? Vulture makes the case for each, after the jump.

Why Iron Man might suck:
We've been told over and over again how perfectly cast Robert Downey Jr. is, but what if his smug snappiness makes Tony Stark completely hateable? More than that, the character himself doesn't inspire a lot of sympathy; kidnapping-inspired turnabout aside, is America really ready to identify with a billionaire arms dealer, no matter how many little old ladies he saves? As for the film's presumed box-office triumph, no amount of marketing muscle can change the fact that even though Iron Man's a crucial character to comic-book aficionados, to the general public he has nowhere near the Q-meter rating of Spidey or Supes.
Odds it won't be super? 5:1.

Why The Incredible Hulk might suck:
Lou Ferrigno's appearance at Comic-Con aside, there's been plenty of behind-the-scenes drama this spring involving the big green guy. Star Edward Norton reportedly has been unhappy with the direction Marvel's taken the movie, and the initial trailer made the movie seem exciting but shallow and somewhat humorless. And if a legitimately great director like Ang Lee can't make the Hulk story into a good movie, what chance does Louis Leterrier (previous credits: The Transporter, The Transporter 2) have?
Odds it won't be super? Even money.

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Nathan Cain said...

There's another hulk movie? Didn't they just do one? It's not as if Marvel doesn't have other intellectual property to exploit.

Fred Blosser said...

Iron Man will have the jump on the other summer movies. It'll make money, maybe even in the Spiderman range opening weekend.

The Hulk trailer looks like a video game, which is the great drawback to this genre, at least in the eyes of yours truly who remembers the glory days of Lee, Kirby, and Ditko.