Friday, October 31, 2008

Van Damme Returns

I was never much of a Jean-Claude Van Damme fan. Action movies tend to put me to sleep and the only one I saw Van Damme in didn't do much for me (as I recall).

But I have to say he's come up with an interesting comeback vehicle--much more interesting than just grinding out another predictable `splosion movie.

From USA Today's Pop Candy:

"What's it like to be Van Damme?

"Have you heard about the new Jean-Claude Van Damme movie? It looks really good.

"I write that without a hint of sarcasm or irony. Van Damme's latest flick, JCVD, is a bit different than the typical bloody, shoot-'em-up fare he's associated with. For starters, the action star plays himself -- and it's a pretty worn-down version of Van Damme at that.

"In the movie, the 47-year-old actor is hounded by fans and has just lost a role to Steven Seagal. He returns to Brussels and faces a (fictional) custody battle for his daughter and mounting financial problems."

Ed here: This sounds worth a look.

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Unknown said...

True words Ed!

I have to confess, I was a fan of the 'splosion films and early nineties films from Van Damme... But since that time, I've come into my own as a well informed connoisseur of film and contemporary media, which typically tears apart mainstream motion pictures, but JCVD is independent, fresh, and memorable!

JCVD has been an experience entrenched in nostalgia and structured in cinematic prowess - I had a blast watching a past hero transcend expectations and recreate himself as not only a mainstream celebrity, but also as a dramatic actor. All around a great time and an evocative cinematic experience - well worth the time and money!