Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bob Randisi; Jeffrey Goodman

Bob Randisi is interviewed at length over at Shots magazine. An excellent piece of work and a serious look at Bob's amazing career. If you want to know what the life of a working writer is like, it's all here. One of the things I noted was that while Bob and have been great friends for more than twenty years, and have always talked about our projects, there are still things Bob's done I didn't know about. Here's a sample from the interview.

" Warren Murphy is both a friend of mine, and a hero of mine. Also, a mentor. We met in the 70s at MWA functions, and one night in a bar he asked me if I thought I could write a Destroyer novel. I had, at that point, read a few, so I said yes. There were 40 at the time, so he had the publisher send me the entire run. He sent me a detailed outline, paid me up front and I wrote one.

"Here’s why he’s my hero: I delivered the first half of the book and he said it was great. I delivered the second half and he said, “You screwed me,” only he didn’t say screwed. He said, “I paid you and you just walked away from the second half.” I offered him the money back and he said no. That book was Destroyer #43 (my actual first novel). I figured I’d actually screwed myself, but a few months later he had to go to Puerto Rico to work on the Destroyer screenplay, and he asked me to do another one. This time, when I delivered the entire book, he said, “Bobby, you gave me exactly what I wanted.” I did another after that, and one of his “Digger” books."

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Several of you asked me how you could see Al Collins' really fine new film, which I reviewed here the other night. Here's a message from the director Jeffrey Goodman:

I read where someone was asking how they could see the film. I just wanted to give you a couple of things as arsenal in case you field any more of those questions. First off, we have a LULLABY registry that I send updates to about once a month. These updates tell people where we are screening and when and also update people on our path towards wider distribution. To join the registry, people simply have to send an e-mail to with "Register Me" in the subject of the e-mail. Also, for now, the only way people can see the film is at a festival. However, I expect LULLABY to begin some sort of distribution, around April of '09.

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