Friday, March 27, 2009


------------------------From Jason Linkins:

"It's Friday, so why not check out what's happening on talk radio? Oh, here's Rush Limbaugh, passing on the opportunity to offer any substantive critique of, say, the White House's Afghanistan policy or something, to instead offer up one of his patented dinner theatre routines: "Hillary Clinton is a Mannish Lesbian."

Ridiculing Clinton for the work she's undertaken thus far at State, Limbaugh bleats: "The scary thing is that she is TWICE the man OBAMA is."

------------------------Huffington Post:

But buried within the hours of debate in the Senate on Thursday is an exchange you'd be more likely to hear in a locker room than a congressional hearing.

Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) was on the receiving end of this one, after telling Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), "Oh, you are good."

"Well, your wife said the same thing," Grassley responded.

------------------------From Mark Evanier News From Me:

"I'm keeping to my plan from the first trial. If (Phil) Spector is acquitted, I'm going on a killing spree. I don't yet know who I'll be killing or when...but I'm white, I'm in show business, I have some money. If they couldn't convict him, they'll never convict me. Unless you count this particular pledge, I don't even have a history of threatening to kill people."

-----------------------The One The Only (thank God) Michelle Bachmann

"Right now I'm a member of Congress. And I believe that my job here is to be a foreign correspondent, reporting from enemy lines."


pattinase (abbott) said...

That last comment was especially scary. I wouldn't begrudge the Republicans outrage if they'd either had one decent idea themselves or if it didn't look like they'd rather sink Obama than face his success and their consequent unseating. Its just too important to play politics with this.

Frank Loose said...

Gee ... the behavior you outline, Patti, while true, looks like a repeat of the Dems attacking Bush for eight years, where they were more interested in seeing him fail than working out plans that were good for this country. Perhaps when it comes to politics, the different parties wear the same ugly hats with expertise and fervor. Watch out country ...

Todd Mason said...

Would that the Democrats had bothered to hamper most of Bush's insane when not simply poor- & middle-class-bashing policies. As opposed to cheerfully or fearfully falling into line.