Friday, May 01, 2009

Contact information for Howard Browne

I'm trying to help an anthologist find rights to a Howard Browne story that he wants to reprint for a forthcoming anthology. Since I knew Howard I always went to him for rights. Now that he's gone I don't know who controls his estate. I was given two names but was unable to reach either of them. I'd appreciate any help you can give me. If you know somebody who might know please contact them. Howard was a fine writer and deserves to be kept in print. This will be a major book and he belongs in it. Thanks everybody. Ed

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Bud Webster said...

Ed, what's the time constraint here? I'm assembling a list of estates and agents for SFWA, and Browne should certainly be included, but I may not be able to tuern anything up for a few weeks. You might try Marty Greenberg, as he has resources I don't have (but hope to tap).