Saturday, June 27, 2009

Men, Women, Writing, and Getting Laid; Correction

Writer Holly Lisle has one of the great websites. I check it out three or four times a week. Her subjects range from serious discussions of writing (she writers shrewdly and well both about the writing and the writing business) and apparently whatever else comes to mind on a given day. She also blogs.

Here's one of her more notable blog whimsies--or is it? If this is true we'll have to rewrite all the history books to serve this dictum:

Men, Women, Writing, and Getting Laid
by HOLLY LISLE on JUNE 25, 2009 · 39 COMMENTS

Matt has assured me on more than one occasion that the reason men choose to do anything is, first and foremost, because they think doing it will get them laid.

Design the Eiffel Tower? Compose a magnificent concerto? Do a hundred pushups a day? Write a novel?

The man thinks “This will get me laid.” And he’s right. For a man, the secret to getting laid is to stand apart from other men—to be really good at something valuable, or admirable, or cool, to be competent, to be different than every other man a woman knows. Men don’t have to be young or gorgeous, to have great hair or a square jaw or a perfect body to get a woman or women. They have to stand apart.

If you’re a woman, on the other hand, breathing will get you laid, and sometimes even that’s setting the bar too high.

Doubt me? Think you aren’t pretty enough, young enough, whatever enough?

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In writing about Michael Jackson last night I said that a dentist wanted MJ to get his screenplay produced as part of a deal in which nothing public would ever be revealed about events at Neverland. I'm told off-line that the allegation was never proved and was dismissed. I was wrong and apologize for the misinformation.

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Todd Mason said...

As usual with such a sweeping generalization, it only holds up as presented when squeeze your eyes shut and wish away the contraditcory evidience...that which makes creative women often sexier than similar women who are less so, and men who create not just to distinguish themselves in the eyes of mates. Might be true to a notable degree, but I know there have been women I've been attracted to in part for their accomplishments, and among my peers when we were young for their potential, that were less Healthy Offspring Facotry Ready than some other women.