Sunday, August 09, 2009

General Stuff

1. I don't get to see all the anthologies published. I try. I pay for every one I can find out of my own pocket if need be. But I still miss some. It's relatively easy to find stories on line. IF YOU'RE IN AN ANTHOLOGY PLEASE E MAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW WHICH ONE. That way I'll have a checklist. I'm starting to read for the 2010 book now.

2. A number of you wished that the British volumes of my Collected Stories hadn't been as expensive as they were. They are very handsome books and are my favorites. But I understand how they might be beyond the budgets of some people. I'm taking the crime stories from the first two volumes and collecting them along with eight or nine uncollected ones and publishing them all in a single trade pb with Ramble House. I'll let you know when it's available.

3. Every once in awhile I like to remind all of you that you're welcome to contribute as many pieces as you like to the blog. Believe it or not I get sick of hearing my own opinions. Appropriate subjects only please. We do want to see and discuss your sex tapes ("Wow! Who knew people could actually do that?") but we don't have that site set up just yet. The nuns helping me with it were recently picked up for disorderly conduct in Boston and have yet to be sprung.


Jerry House said...

Looking forward to the Ramble House book. Their list is amazing.

Christopher said...

I hope they take the ruler to those nuns before they spring them. I hate when my childhood bitterness gets the best of me.

Anonymous said...

I loved those PS collections, too. Sorry to hear PS isn't planning on any further volumes at the moment...I was really disappointed to read the news a short while back. ~ Ron C.