Thursday, December 31, 2009

30 Eock

Our New Year's--we watched four episodes of 30 Rock tonight. We'd only seen one of them before. So many great lines. Alec Baldwin: "I haven't laughed that hard since I saw Ann Coulter's shoulders." But the best was Duffy, Liz Lemon's stupid faithless ex boyfriend. He's trying to get back with her so he when his pleading doesn't work he says: "I went on WebMD and diagnosed myself as a sex addict. It says I have to make amends for all the hurt I've caused. So here goes Liz: 'I'm sorry I used my incredible sexual charisma to seduce you and ruin you for any other man.'"

You know, I've actually known fellers that dumb.

Happy New Year


Vince said...

Happy new year to you, Ed!

David Cranmer said...


Unknown said...

Happy 2010, Ed!

Bill Carlin said...

Happy Ne'erday and all the best for 2010 from a frozen Scotland, Ed.
Thanks for continuing such an entertaining and honest blog throughout 2009. I'll continue to look forward to your comments and observations.

Mathew Paust said...

Ticket to Ride is atop my list, and 'twill be the first novel I read this year (not counting Moby-Dick, which I'm diligently plowing thru to the ghastly end, and Mitch Albom's have a little faith, which isn't a novel but is serving as a palate cleanser between courses of The Big One.

I was considering waiting until the Albom book is finished and then leaping onto Ticket, but, as I simply can no longer wait for that, I shall start Ticket today, reading it at the 'puter here between episodes of creative inspiration.

Happy New Year, Ed, and much continued success!

JD Rhoades said...

Happy New Year, Ed!

And 30 Rock's the best show on TV right now, bar none.

Brendan DuBois said...

Happy New Year's Ed, and a great 2010 for you and yours!