Monday, January 11, 2010

Robert Vaughn--Psychic

Thanks to a link in Cinema Retro I found an interesting article from the UK Daily Record on Robert Vaughan, a guy who's always seemed interesting to me. But a psychic he ain't.

"Take The Magnificent Seven. With the exception of Yul Brynner who had already won an Oscar for The King And I, the rest of us, who included James Coburn, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson, were convinced we were going to be in a big flop picture.

"There had been a writers' strike and we started filming the picture with no script. All we had to go on was that we were going to remake the classic Japanese film The Seven Samurai.

"We spent a lot of time playing poker. They would tell us what scenes we were going to film the following day, then they would slide the script under the door, having worked on it that night.

"We figured this wasn't right and that we were going to be in a terrible film. Obviously we were wrong, because after Casablanca, it's the most often played movie on American TV.

"Similar story with Bullitt. Steve McQueen, who at that time had been a friend for eight years, sent me a script for this police film which he was going to be producing…


“ I read it but sent it back and I said I didn't much want to do it because I didn't understand the story.

"We went back and forth two or three times with me refusing to do it because changes I thought should be made hadn't been made. But every time the script came back the salary on offer had been upped a little more.

"So after the third or fourth time I decided I understood the script a lot better than I did. It became one of the biggest international grossing pictures of that year, with a classic car chase. So once again I was wrong."

Vaughan, a lifelong liberal, doesn't think much of Obama believing he's "ill-equipped" for the job. Given Vaughan's record for picking `em does mean Obama's a great president? :)

much of Obama and thinks he's "ill-eqipped" for the job. Given his track record for picking `em does this mean that Obama is a great president? :)

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Todd Mason said...

Even a broken clock...Vaughn clearly has a problem with rudderless ventures, which can be rather better-fixed in film production than in governance...

Unknown said...

Even a broken clock...

You can say that again.

Now if I picked Obama to win the super bowl, he's be a combo of Lincoln, Truman and FDR ...