Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Book: The Guilt Edge by Robert J. Randisi

The Guilt Edge

Robert J. Randisi

John C. Boland is a talented writer who has twice been nominated for a Shamus Award for Best Short story--once in 1984, and again in 2009. Also had several books published in the 90's from Pocket Books. John and I met back in the 70's.I think, when we were both members of MWA. When I emailed him last year to congratulate him on his nomination he told me he was starting a small press called Perfect Crime Books. Immediately, I wanted to do something with him. I got a kick out of a fellow author from my past starting up his own publishing venture.

The result is a short story collection, a novel and two volumes of PWA Shamus Winners. The first book to appear is The Guilt Edge, a collection my short stories, featuring Henry Po, Truxton Lewis and Val O'Farrell stories--all P.I. tales--and a couple of other stories, one featuring Bat Masterson. Next will be the novel THE BOTTOM OF EVERY BOTTLE. The Shamus Winner volumes will come in a couple of months.

Perfect Crime has also published an Edward Cline novel and is looking for other projects. Check out their website at

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