Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Henning Mankell, Swedish Crime Writer On Gaza Aid Ship

Ed here: I just ran across this on Huffington Post. Haven't seen it anywhere else. Now 3,427 of you will tell me you've being reading it all day on numerous blogs.

Huff Post:

Henning Mankell, Swedish Crime Writer On Gaza Aid Ship, Held In Custody In Israel
First Posted: 06- 1-10 11:12 AM | Updated: 06- 1-10 11:12 AM

Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, author of the Wallander detective series, is one of nine Swedes held in Israel Monday after landing from a Gaza-bound aid flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos, Sweden's foreign ministry said.


Matt said...

I'm a member of Veterans for Peace. And one of our retired Colonels - a U.S. Army Veteran - has also been kidnapped and illegally imprisoned by Israel.

This entire incident should be our top headline until our people are released.

(whisper, whisper...)

Oh, right. Well, this headline + BP's oil murder.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Henning Mankell was finally released. What a world we live in.

Anders E said...

This is how they treat some pretty famous people when the world is looking straight at them. Just imagine how non-famous palestinians in the occupied zones are treated when the world's attention is elsewhere. The only democracy of the middle east+ Yeah right?

Todd Mason said...

Well, you might've noted, Anders, that democracies, particularly given how they are meliorated by, montably, concentrations of money and power, don't always elect the most ethical "representatives."

Todd Mason said...

Israel was supposedly deporting all the foreign nationals as of this morning, anyway.

Anders E said...

Here's a UK interview with Mankell, right after he was released: