Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystery Scene; Ray Bradbury; Tom Piccirilli; Stranglehold

Hi everyone,

Brian and I are very pleased to announce that Mystery Scene will be printed in full color beginning with the Fall Issue #116 in September.

This is a big step but we believe that it will allow Mystery Scene to better showcase writers, books, films, etc., while also attracting more readers, advertisers, and retail sales.

And it's definitely going to be fun!

Best wishes,

PS The single issue or subscription prices will remain the same.

----------------------------Ray Bradbury-
The wildest author tribute ever filmed

---------------------------Tom Piccirilli

Tom has written an eloquent and moving piece about the real meaning of noir fiction.


Kirkus dinged me once in the review but then ended with a sensational line:

"Gorman (Ticket to Ride, 2009, etc.) creates such a deliciously knowing portrait of the down and dirty of political campaigns and family secrets that you forget the people are just made up."


Anonymous said...

Ed, Ticket To Ride is one of your best, and a lot of that is due to the insider's viewpoint you give it. Your past as a political consultant serves the book well.
Terry Butler

Tom Piccirilli said...

Thanks for the nod, Ed. For anyone interested, my new column "Dead Mower Dreams and the Weeds of Boo Radley" is now up at the Mulholland Books site:

Ed Gorman said...

And I want you to know that my cousin Terry is completely objective. Just because we were altar boys together (I believe he was kicked off the altar for writing dirty words on the soles of his shoes which I'd see when he was kneeling and I walked behind him to get the water and wine. He was trying to make me laugh. It worked. Fortunately the one hundred and ninety year old monsignor decided to blame him entirely.

Ed Gorman said...

Hi Tom_ I copied the link then didn't add it to the story. You're working with a genius as you know. I just put the link on the story. Be thankful I'm not a surgeon.

Fred Blosser said...

The characters in a novel are "made up"? This is the most shocking news since they found gambling at Rick's Place.