Thursday, September 09, 2010

NBC bringing 'The Dark Tower' to both TV and movie screens

Ed here: This is one of my favorite Stephen King projects. Really rich powerful storytelling. This could be amazing esp. if Ron Howard directs.

Los Angeles Times:
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Stephen King overload? NBC bringing 'The Dark Tower' to both TV and movie screens
September 9, 2010 | 11:06 am

In an unconventional move, Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" -- comprising seven novels, short stories and comic books -- will be made into both three films and a television series.

The unique deal will have Ron Howard directing the first film in the trilogy and the first season of the TV series, Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment announced Wednesday afternoon.

"The Dark Tower" centers on the sole survivor in a line of knightly gunslingers, Roland Deschain, who has been charged with finding a Dark Tower in order to save humanity.

The first film will be quickly followed by the television series, which will lead to the second film. The TV series will then resume until the third film is released. No word yet on when production is slated to begin on the first film.

For more on the project, visit our sister blog 24 Frames.

--Amy Kaufman


Todd Mason said...

According to the NBC/Uni release, Howard will direct not only the first film but the first season of the series, unless that was badly mangled along the PR stream.

Here's a link, courtesy of Mike Stamm on the Horror List at Indiana U:

Todd Mason said...

Ah. I see that the TIMES article says the same...I mistook your approval for searching hope.

Animal Planet Live said...

"the dark tower" i think it is animated series its amazing i will wait to watch this