Monday, October 18, 2010

Gee I sure have been waiting a long time for a reply...

Thanks to Todd Mason for sending me this and thanks to Barry Malzberg (a fine fine writer and author of one of the the truly GREAT novels about being a writer, Herovit's World) for letting me use it here. Donald Wollheim was one was one of the most important editors of science fiction in the history of the genre. He edited Ace Books for years then started his own publishing company DAW Books.

Martin Morse Wooster reports on FictionMags:

The October 13 MONTGOMERY (County, Maryland) GAZETTE has a profile of sometimes
fantasist Alice McDermott which reveals that the pay rate for reading
"unsolicited short stories" at REDBOOK in 1979 was 60 cents per short story.

Barry Malzberg adds:

Which post reminds me that the always cheery Donald Wollheim recalled for
me in 1968 COSMOPOLITAN fiction department attitude toward the slushpile.
Editor greeted an ex-Ace employee (an acquaintance of Don's) on her first
day of slushpile duty with these instructions: "You can do anything you want
with these. Read, reject, write letters on revision, write letters of
comment, have a little bonfire off the premises...just make sure that I
never see any of them for any reason, ever."

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