Tuesday, November 16, 2010




Electronic books are soon to be a billion dollar business, yet it's
more difficult than ever to find a good read, especially via digital
download. With more than 700,000 ebooks already on line, with a good
number of them self-published, ebook stores are becoming the
equivalent of publisher's past 'slush piles'. A newly-formed
collaborative site called The Top Suspense Group plans to slash
through all the clutter. www.topsuspensegroup.com will be offering
readers one central site filled with exciting e-books, covering
several genres and all at reasonable prices.

"Readers can count on us," creator and acclaimed author Dave
Zeltserman explains, “Every member of our group has already made his
or her mark on genre fiction, whether it's noir, crime, mystery,
thriller, horror or Westerns, and in some cases, several of these

Authors aboard include Zeltserman, Max Allan Collins, Bill Crider, Ed
Gorman, Vicki Hendricks, and Harry Shannon.

Zeltserman has spoken before about the difficulty readers have in
searching for sites that offer seasoned professionals. Top Suspense
Group members make some of their finest material available at
affordable prices. Many of the ebooks will contain bonus material,
such as the writer’s commentary on the book that has been purchased,
or the addition of a free short story.

“We believe readers will appreciate a reliable inexpensive site that
continuously delivers some of the best in contemporary genre fiction,”
said Top Suspense Group member and multi-award winning author, Max
Allan Collins.

Ed Gorman


Anonymous said...

this sounds like good news. I imagine collaboratives like this will pop up within groups of writers. I hope that all of you offer your older books as e-books. It's kind of like the old "Nice Price" records I used to buy at record stores.

Dan Luft

Matt Paust said...

Sure as hell hope free-market entrepreneurialism keeps this ebook tsunami from engulfing us - at least us oldtimers. My eyes are already shot from too much computer time.

Harry Shannon said...

Proud to be one of the old timers, and to be in such good company. Ed in particular.

michael said...

Great idea not only for just e-books, but for all books no matter what publisher format.

Is the site up yet?

Harry said...

Yes www.TopSuspenseGroup.com

or www.TopSuspense.com