Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Top Suspense Anthology; Apologies to Bill Crrider

Get your free Top Suspense Anthology!

Well, not exactly free in that you need to agree to write a review (good or bad, we don't care as long as it's honest) somewhere. Your blog, amazon, kindleboards, b&n, facebook, all of the above, but somewhere. And we're serious about the review. If you don't write one we'll be sending The Enforcer (AKA Ed Gorman) to your door, and he can do nasty things with a Louisville slugger. Trust me, you don't want that to happen!!

So here's what you get with the anthology--one story by each Top Suspense member, plus the original round robin story, plus a link that will reveal the authors for each section of the round robin story.

Unreasonable Doubt by Max Allan Collins
Death’s Brother by Bill Crider
Poisoned by Stephen Gallagher
Remaindered by Lee Goldberg
Fire in the Sky by Joel Goldman
The Baby Store by Ed Gorman
The Jade Elephant by Libby Fischer Hellmann
The Big O by Vicki Hendricks
The Chirashi Covenant by Naomi Hirahara
El Valiente en el Infierno by Paul Levine
A Handful of Dust by Harry Shannon
The Canary by Dave Zeltserman
The Chase by Top Suspense Group

So if you want a copy, send me an email (dave.zeltserman@gmail.com) letting me know what format you want: Kindle, E-Pub, or PDF. Each Top Suspense member has been allocated 25 copies to give out, and copies are going fast, and so get me your email soon. And remember, we are going to want to see a review out of this. You don't want Ed knocking on your door!

Ed here: After Dave sent me this I e mailed him "Well Dave if you think an overweight exhausted guy who can't see real well will scare people...I'll be happy to do it. :)"

PS My apologies to Bill Crider-I thought I'd scooped him with my boob biting snake story. But I somehow missed the fact that he'd already covered it. I read his blog two or three times a day but somehow I missed it. I'm sorry Bill. But I;ll scoop ya yet!


mybillcrider said...

You've scooped me before, and you'll do it again, I'm sure. But I'm ever alert to important news stories.

Kevin R. Tipple said...
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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Now that I have deleted the previous post with typos caused by screwed up and going numb again hands.....Dave has graciously sent me a copy this morning and I will be doing a review as expected. I just don't know how soon as everything is much slower than what I would like.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, I see you're conveniently leaving out how you bought a new Louisville slugger for the occasion, and that you've been sanding the handle to give you just the right grip.


Matt Paust said...

If it's not too late, and if I can leave my email addy here, I would happily post my review on Open Salon - or unhappily, as the case may unlikely be. PDF format, please.