Friday, July 22, 2011

Science Fiction movie posters; Carolyn Hart new e books

Ed here: Yes these were B and B- minus movies we saw in our yute. The site Where Danger Lives has a lot of them on display, the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of them were so terrible even at twelve I knew it'd be better to skip them. But some, for the time, were pretty darn good.


Dear Reader,

ESCAPE FROM PARIS -The story of two American sisters in Paris in 1940 and their race to save downed airmen from the Gestapo . . .

BRAVE HEARTS - A woman caught between duty and love after the fall of the Phillipines to the Japanese . . . .

A SETTLING OF ACCOUNTS - A woman's determination to unmask the man who betrayed her lover to the Nazis . . .

Out of print for many years, my early books are now available as ebooks from Kindlle. .

The books include my first published juvenile mystery, The Secret of the Cellars, and my first adult suspense novel, Flee from the Past.

Newly released juvenile titles:
The Secret of the Cellars
Dangerous Summer

Newly released YA suspense novels:
No Easy Answers
Danger, High Explosives!

Newly released WWII suspense novels:
Flee from the Past
A Settling of Accounts
Escape from Partis
Brave Hearts.

The ebook of Escape from Paris features the never before seen complete uncut ORIGINAL novel. The first publication was cut from 94,000 to 55,000 words.

Standalone mystery novels:
The Rich Die Young
Death by Surprise
Castle Rock
The Devereaux Legacy.

Newly released short story collections:
Crime on her Mind
Secrets and Other Novels of Suspense which includes A Settling of Accounts

If you are a Kindle reader, I hope you will enjoy one or more of the early books. Please check my website for easy ordering.

Thank you - Carolyn Hart


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