Thursday, January 26, 2012

6 Movies That Better Be Damned Good in 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

From The Wrap 6 Movies That Better Be Damned Good in 2012

Here are six movies that have the studios and the participants crossing their fingers with particular fervor. The stakes are high for the filmmakers and the talent.

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Hunger Games
The Hobbit
Men In Black 3
John Carter
Dark Shadows


eddie lydecker said...

Peter Jackson is a bloody load of old rubbish and so are all of his films.

James Bogus said...

All this superhero crap is becoming so repetitive and embarrassing, the only things worth watching in those movies are the special effects (literally), everything else about them is dog-shit.

the posturing (and admittedly rather irritating) little popinjay said...

I suppose there is an outside possibility that "Dark Shadows" might turn out to be an atmospheric masterpiece, but i doubt it.

Kelly Robinson said...

I kinda like the reiterations of superhero stories. It's a modern day mythology. Just as there were many versions of ancient hero stories, we now get reboots and remakes. I actually enjoy the differences and the similarities.

James Bogus said...

Kelly, for me the differences and the similarities have finally become to much to endure.