Friday, August 24, 2012

Sports Thrillers in the 1970s

Sports Thrillers in the 1970s

Two-Minute Warning (1976) Movie Poster

Ed here: What we're talking about here is the difference between a serious novel and movie and a popcorn quickie. Thomas Harris of cannibal fame wrote Black Sunday which is an angry look at the bleak and turbulent sixties and seventies and Two Minute Warning is one of those star-packed nail biters that lets you leave the theater without ever thinking of the movie again. Black Sunday has a Bruce Dern performance you'll remember a long long time. But you know what?

I enjoyed both of them--I also enjoyed both novels that provided the source material. Plenty of room in my empty head for each.

Thank God that football is back!This summer, spent without the usual NFL OTAs and ubiquitous trade rumors, seemed a more dreary summer than any I’ve experienced since my tenth. (That was the summer I was the unlucky recipient of a burst appendix and had to spend most of it laid up in bed.)

In fact, I was so desperate for anything football-related that I pulled from my DVD collection two of my favorite sports-related thrillers: Black Sunday (1977), starring the late, great Robert Shaw, and Two-Minute Warning(1976), starring the late, great Charlton Heston.

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Mathew Paust said...

Loved Black Sunday - book and movie (Dern is durned good!) but I missed the other.