Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blues In The Night by Dick Lochte

If I wrote a column called Thriller of The Month my choice for January would definitely be Dick Lochte's slick, sleek, knockout novel Blues In The Night.

An ex-con named David "Mace" Mason decides to help out mobster Paulie LaCotta. This means going back to LA for Mace and putting up with Paulie's quirky ways as well. But in this case Paulie isn't just quirky, he's deceitful and Mace soon learns that he's involved in a violent confrontation with mysterious forces without knowing why.

Since this is a Dick Lochte novel the story is told in a sardonic voice that enriches the cast of very real people, people being one of Lochte's specialties. Another speciality is Lochte's ability to turn wheels within wheels until you have no idea who's really do what. What makes this especially intriguing and memorable is the tour of modern-day LA Lochte gives us in his pursuit of the truth. '

I was going to start listing some of my favorite scenes but I stopped counting after fifteen. Perfectly realized, perfect paced sequences that set up even more twists and turns. Such as the eerie and startling one where Mace does or doesn't see a mutant dog. Straight out of a horror novel.

Dick Lochte has long been one of my favorite writers and this time out he's delivered a five star thrillerthat will stay with you for a long time after you close the covers.

Oh--and Mace is winning protagonist--tough but smart, knowing but not cynical. He could do with another book.

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