Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From Jack O'Connell 1970s Movies of The Week Casting Game!


As a lover of the 1970s Movie of the Week, I really grooved on this morn's posting.

Have you played the "Cast the 1970s Movie of the Week" game? Here's the list:

The Playbook for Making a 1970s MFTVM

Now that you’ve watched a bushel of MFTVMs, you’re ready to make your own. Below you’ll find a manual we picked up from central casting

Young Turk

Peter Haskell: slick young turk

Michael Parks: brooding young turk

Frank Converse: smart young turk

Christopher George: hotheaded young turk

Peter Mark Richman: duplicitous young turk

James Franciscus: WASPY young turk

Jan‑Michael Vincent: surfer‑dude young turk

Michael Cole: confused young turk

Glenn Corbett: mild‑mannered young turk

Dack Rambo: cowboy young turk

Woman In Jeopardy

Rosemary Forsyth: woman in jeopardy

Hope Lange: woman in jeopardy

Blythe Danner: woman in jeopardy

Lee Grant: woman in jeopardy

Rosemary Forsyth: woman in jeopardy

Yvette Mimieux: woman in jeopardy

Mariette Hartley: woman in jeopardy

Elizabeth Montgomery: woman in jeopardy

Donna Mills: woman in jeopardy


Carol Lynley: ingenue in trouble

Lesley Ann Warren: ingenue in heat

Lynda Day George: ingenue in mourning

Tisha Sterling: hippy deb ingenue

Suburban Mom

Sandy Dennis: jilted suburban wife drifting into diet pill abuse

Suburban Dad

Carl Betz: suburban dad with a mistress

Mike Farrell: suburban dad with an issue

Dennis Weaver: suburban dad in jeopardy


Richard Thomas: overly sensitive youth

Mitch Vogel: overly sensitive youth

Lance Kerwin: overly sensitive youth

Robby Benson: overly sensitive youth

Jennifer Salt: rebellious daughter

Glynnis O'Connor: girl with a problem

Linda Blair: girl with a big problem


Estelle Parsons: grandma


Arthur Kennedy: granddad

Will Geer: dotty old granddad


Robert Forster: detective first class loner

Harry Guardino: media savvy police commissioner

Cameron Mitchell: good cop gone bad

Claude Akins: Deputy Bud


Richard Basehart: district attorney

Pernell Roberts: politically ambitious DA

James Whitmore: defense attorney

Howard Duff: stop‑at‑nothing defense attorney

Simon Oakland: badly dressed ambulance chaser

Hugh O'Brian: playboy lawyer


Lloyd Nolan: kind‑but‑wise doctor

Barnard Hughes: kindly‑but‑eccentric doctor

William Windom: alcoholic mess doctor

Sam Groom: playboy surgeon


Barry Sullivan: craven industrialist

Peter Graves: the CEO

Monte Markham: real estate mogul with a secret

Richard Anderson: supervisor Adams

Mark Goddard: double‑crossing business partner

Herb Edelman: sales, any kind of sales

Jim Hutton: Dodge dealership owner

Ed Nelson: life‑insurance saleman with a dozen blue blazers

David Hedison: desperate stockbroker


Broderick Crawford: by‑the‑book alderman

William Schallert: head of the school board

Arts and Entertainment

Anthony Perkins: repressed young artist

Sheree North: nightclub singer with heart of gold

Roddy McDowall: in the closet art dealer

High Society

Agnes Moorehead: bitter, catty socialite

Henry Jones: snotty garden club chairman

Grayson Hall: divorced nympho lush

Working Stiffs

Eugene Roche: rubbish hauler

John Karlen: Handyman Tom

Norman Fell: summons server

William Demarest: mean barkeep

Arlene Golonka: waitress at the diner


Alex Karras: Coach Roy

Robert Foxworth: weekend white water rafter in safari vest

Joseph Campanella: golf pro


Percy Rodriguez: Professor of obscure myths and legends

Georg Stanford Brown: head of the black students union

Head Cases

John Carradine: creepy old coot

Zalman King: obsessive psycho boyfriend

John Savage: recently released young mental patient

Utility Players

Edward Asner: cop or crooked union official

Leslie Nielsen: cop or well‑dressed embezzler

Avery Schreiber: chauffeur or diner owner

Cleavon Little: pimp or revolutionary

Darren McGavin: average‑guy‑in‑over‑his‑head or editor‑in‑chief

Elke Sommer: woman with a past or spy

Ted Bessell: the new boyfriend or management trainee

Now post your concept and ideal cast!


pattinase (abbott) said...

Sadly, all these names are familiar to me. I hope some of them are still alive.

Fred Blosser said...

Man, what a howl. Some of those names, I haven't thought of in ages. The only gap I see is '70s ABC-MOTW Western typecasting:


Gruff sheriff -- Lloyd Bridges
Tough sheriff -- Steve Forrest
No-nonsense sheriff -- Clint Walker
Folksy sheriff -- Dennis Weaver
Mumbling sheriff -- Clu Gulager
Old sheriff -- Ray Teal

Robert Foxworth should be in the list somewhere, cast equally well as cop, doctor, attorney, or suburban dad.

RJR said...

Ray Milland is missing, probably as Businessman. And Ty Hardin, confused young cowpoke.

Here's something I noticed about the 70's. if your name was Robert you worked.

Robert Browne
Robert Conrad
Robert Culp
Robert Forster
Roberrt Foxworth
Robert Goulet (remember Blue Light?)
Robert Hooks
Robert Horton
Robert Lipton
Robert Vaughn
Robert Wagner
Robert Webber
Robert Wolders

Wonder why I noticed this?


RJR said...

I forgot Robert Fuller.


Fred Blosser said...

And Robert Tessier, the great heavy of mid/late 70s film and TV.

Ed Gorman said...

What a lot of memories. I even liked some of the really bad ones

Peter L. Winkler said...

Great post.