Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Carolyn Hart, Margaret Maron Oconee Press


A Settling of Accounts involves a seemingly conventional American antiques dealer returning to  London after an absence of decades. We slowly begin to realize that as quiet and pleasant as our heroine is she is also a gritty survivor of the OSS during the big war in London.  

Hart's heroines are never swooning girls; they're strong-willed women. And in this case that means there's somebody she would like to murder. I especially liked the atmospherics of wartime London. Hart is also superb with scenes of chase and mystery.

A fine addition to both the Oconee Carolyn Hart library.

This is a true whodunit and a good one. Lt. Sigrid Harald must find out who murdered a lawyer who’d been planning his retirement. Seems his office safe was filled with secrets that needed to remain secret.

The cast is colorful one and Maron keeps us turning pages with realistic and serio-comic problems badgering Harald—such as apartment hunting in blistering August and being forced to confront the horrifying fact that she doesn’t own an evening gown.

As with the early novels of Carolyn Hart, you can see here the makings of a star.

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