Sunday, March 03, 2013

My friend Bob Levinson corrects me

Ed here: Last night I said that JohnFord had directed The Red Badge of Courage 
but it was, as Bob has pointed out, John Huston.

I noted that Julie Adams was the reigning babe of Universal westerns. And Julie Adams is still a babe!  

Hi, Ed...
Re today's blog: A  typing oops--"Red Badge of Courage" was directed by John Huston (not Ford)... (Huston later used Audie Murphy in "The Unforgiven" with Lancaster and A. Hepburn.) ...
Julie Adams is our across-the-street neighbor, still lovely after all these decades. ... Pix  taken at the Skylight Books launch for IN THE KEY OF DEATH about five years ago. : )
Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday.
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Mathew Paust said...

I can almost hear The Duke sayin', "Walll, ya coulda put the picture of Miss Adams up here, too!"