Friday, October 19, 2007

Fender Tucker

The first time I saw the name Fender Tucker I thought it must have been a misprint. Or set backwards. Tucker Fender sounded more like a real name.

But there really is a Fender Tucker and he's a good writer, musician and small press publisher. To learn more about him and his publishing and writing go to the Ramble House website

Fender's written a number of autobiographical chapbooks/pieces (as well as three very good mystery stories in the chapbook The Naked Trocar) but his masterpiece has to be The Compleat Calhoon. It's a man's life done in short witty insightful pieces. I'm reading three or four pieces a week and find myself eager to get back to it.

I wasn't sure I was going to like it--I'm not much for autobiographies--but I not only like it I admire it. Through judicious editing and clear, concise writing he tells us not only about himself but his Southern culture, his friends, the life of a musician, husband, writer and daydreamer.

Log on to Ramble House and see what you think.


mybillcrider said...

I've read some of those memoirs, and I agree. Fine stuff.

Fender Tucker said...

Nice. Ed Gorman and Bill Crider saying good things about my writing. And today I got an e-mail from Bill Pronzini saying he liked THE NAKED TROCAR. Well, they are being wonderfully generous with their words about my writing but I must admit, I sure know the best people to send preview copies of my book to.

Martin Edwards said...

Ramble House deserve enormous praise for their Keeler reprints, but I'm even more impressed by the work they are doing in resurrecting the very rare Rupert Penny novels. I'm hoping that some of the gaps in my collection of Pennys will soon be filled.