Monday, October 01, 2007

Kill Time

T.J. MacGregor's newest novel is among her best both for its harrowing storyline and its ingenious assessment of how a lawless government may soon enough turn us into a police state.
Nora McKee is a college profesor of psychology who "lost" her mother twenty-three years when two Federal agents claimed to take her into custody. She never saw her mother again.
She is faced with a similar sitaution when her husband, whom she is about to ask for a divorce, is taken into "custody" by two agents of the Department of Freedom and Security. His last words to her are "Run, Nora, run."
She contacts Alex Kincaid, her husband's best friend, and her former lover, and together they begin to investigate the fate not only of Nora's mother and husband but of many citizens who have been basically kidnapped by federal agents and sentenced to a type of prison that is unthinkable to the average person.
MacGregor has aways been a stylish and clever writer whose stories are fresh and whose people are vital and beleivable. Here, she adds a bit of speculatve fiction to her novel and increases both the excitement and relevance of her book. Non-stop reading with a very serious theme. (Kensington)


Sandra Scoppettone said...

What's the title?

Ed Gorman said...

Kill Time. And it's one hell o a good paranoid thriller.