Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Top Ten

I didn't realize until I read the responses to last night's top ten favorites (not best; simple saying they're my favorites) that all but one of them is black and white. So tonight I mention color fims.

1.Taxi Driver
2. Get Carter
3. Point Blank
4. Body Heat
5. The Cooler
6. Night Moves
7. True Confessions
8. The Grifters
9. The Long Goodbye
10. The Outfit

And man I don't know how I forgot to inclue Doible Indemnity last night. Maybe my favorite noir of all.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I saw The Grifters at the theater. It was a devastating film. I had to read the book again. I'm not certain which I enjoyed more, film or novel.

Ed Lynskey

Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, good lists, but you're still missing Angel Heart. Also, what about Godfather 2, Memento and Straight Time. Coup De Torchon based on Pop. 1280 is another worthy choice.

August West said...

Ed: I think to be called "film-noir" it should be shot in B/W. It works best to create the noir feel and style of the cinematography.

"Touch of Evil" in color? wouldn't work, wouldn't be film-noir.

I forgot about "Double Indemnity" also. Stanwyck tooting that horn....

I. Michael Koontz said...

'Diva'--good French noir-ish stuff

Boy, not too many others out there, huh?

How about Altman's 'The Long Goodbye'? (I recall it was Altman).

I know there's another out there, but it's tough sledding.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the support for Straight Time probably the best Dustin Hoffman flick out there.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Arthur Penn's vastly underappreciated NIGHT MOVES on your list, Ed. One of my all-time favorite films. A true classic that deserves a lot more notice.