Monday, December 31, 2007

Salute to Bill Crider

Somewhere today (can't find it again) I saw (I think) a brief story conveying the (to me) astonishing fact that toniight the two Hilton sisetrs Paris and Niki will hostess a club party and be paid $500,000. I guess because I'll always be a prairie boy the simple amorality of this is staggering. Homeless shelters, cancer research, orphanages--there isn't some better way to spend $500,000.

Happy New Year


mybillcrider said...

I can't believe you got this story first.

Anonymous said...

Ed, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

Richmond VA

Anonymous said...

The only support necessary for a proposal to triple the Estate Tax. I find the concept of an American Hereditary Leisure class galling.