Thursday, January 03, 2008

MY long national nightmare is over

Yes, in five hours, it'll all be over. The pols'll leave Ioway. I'm not fond of the way we do business out here. The caucus is mostly an abberation left over from the 1972 Dem convention when everybody was smoking way too much dope.

Carol's going to caucus tonight. I'm sitting home. I have a two-three hour window with the oral chemo I take every day. Then I go into a severe vegatative state. Not only would I be unable to throw punches; I'd be unable to ward them off.

As sinister as Huckabee is (anybody who believes in Creationism is dangerous to me because if they'll buy that they'll buy any kind of myth/prejudice/hooey) he got the best joke of the whole shebang. In a refrence to Ken Doll Romney he said, "People want a president who looks like the guy who they work with. Not like the guy who laid them off."

I'd vote for Biden or Dodd. I know they won't change things but then I don't think Hillary will either. She's mobbed up with most of the big lobbyists. And to me Obama is more of a beauty contestant than a serious candidate. Except for his ill-fated health plan (something he and Hill the Pill have in common) I've never hard him offer anything except embarrassing platitudes.

Biden and Dodd are mobbed up too but they're smart and they'd place steady hands on the tiller. And maybe best of all they wouldn't inflict Bill Clinton on us again.

I swear to God that guy's going to end up doing a lounge act in Vegas. There just isn't enough applause in th entire universe to satisfy him.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Sadly they both dropped out today so I guess it's Edwards for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree most with Gravel (and not just because he was Senator from my birth-state), but if I'm registered in time in my new home state of NJ, I suspect the only way I'll be able to vote for him is if he's accepted the nomination of the Green Party. There's just something a bit shifty about Edwards, although my first ex, a strong union woman, is supporting him, and he is preferable to me to probable nominee Clinton...but I'll give Obama more credit than you two do, I think, for consistently opposing the war, alas more than Edwards can say. That we didn't quite overlap at our Honolulu high school, much as I didn't quite overlap with tv dancer Carrie Inaba, doesn't really count for much, but is fun to note.
Meanwhile, Huckabee is being touted as the Man of the (Right Wing) People, a populist claim that isn't born out by his state policy proposals, such as abolishing the federal income tax and instituting a national sales tax of huge proportion...because, of course, the poor don't have to buy the same amount of food or clothing or what have you the rich do, or else his god would've made them rich, Paul-supporting friend noted at some point that Romney is starting to look less like a Ken doll and more like Karloff or Glenn Strange as Frankenstein's behemoth, which got us riffing on Giuliani as vampire and McCain as the Mummy, but we didn't get around to assigning Universal monster rally roles to the now shrunken cast of GOP hopelesses...

Anonymous said...

Obama reminds me of Bobby Kennedy in a strange way, meaning under the charming veneer appears to be some steel. I could have gone for Biden, but knew he'd have no shot, and prefer Obama to Hillary/Bill again. Huckabee, though far more charming, reminds me of Nixon. Am I the only one who thinks that? History may repeat itself. Again.

Harry Shannon