Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mike Ripley; Randy Quaid

One of the finest writers and wits of the mystery field Mike Rippley hs a new edition of Getting Away With Murder available and as as usual he reveals shocking sides of his personality. Here he shows us how long he can hold a grudge.

Viking Invasion

I have to admit to deliberately resisting, in the past, the growing tide of Scandinavian crime-writers. My reasons for this are not irrational. We in the East of England have long memories and there are still unresolved matters as a result of the last Viking invasion of Maldon (991 AD). True, it was mostly Danes involved, but old scars run deep.

Randy Quaid

I've seen Randy Quaid in so many sad vulnerable roles (comedy and drama alike) that I've apparently confused his frequent persona with reality.

From Cinema Retro

Randy Quaid must be the Max Bialystock of modern times, given the way he has seemingly sabotaged his own play. He has been barred from Actor's Equity for life and fined over $80,000 for outrageous behavior during the Seattle run of a Broadway-bound play called Lone Star Love. According to New York Post drama critic Michael Reidel, Quaid physically and verbally abused fellow cast members, tried to change creative elements of the show and in generally acted like a boor. The producers closed the $6.5 million show, citing Quaid as the central cause. It's hard to get actors to even agree on a lunch menu, but Quaid seems to have Ghandi-like knack of bringing people together in a common cause. Every member of the cast signed the complaint that was sent to Actor's Equity. During the hearing, Quaid didn't bother to show up- but his former limo driver/now wife, Evi did. In an alleged tirade that went on for hours, she variously accused Quaid's accusers of being "pinkos" and "Nazis". (Evi obviously needs to read a few history books to bone up on the fact that Communists and National Socialists were mutually exclusive movements.). Quaid, whose last major role was as an unsympathetic red neck rancher in Brokeback Mountain, quit the production on January 25 and is said to be appealing Actor's Equity's decision. Meanwhile, we hear he's starring in the life story of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People. To read more click here

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Anonymous said...

I thought Dale Carnegie wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People

Cap'n Bob said...

You're right. Peale wrote "The Power of Positive Thinking," among others.

Todd Mason said...

Facts are stupid things.