Thursday, February 28, 2008


For those of of you who've been asking off line about my health...I got a good six month report today.

My nomination for the sexiest Gold Medal cover of all time is The Baby Doll Murders by James O. Causey. Barye is the artist. Ran across it today on my oldies shelf. What I like about it is that the woman is actually beautiful and all the more erotic because of a simple blue slip. No hooker with a .45. Also the layout is really fine. As for the book itself, I reread it about ten years ago and it still worked. Causey was good.

From a reader who works in law enforcement but shall remain nameless:

"Inside the vehicle, officers located personal hygiene items, clothing, bills and other mail, food, two buck knives in sheathes, and the following adult DVD(s): Dream Teams 2; Rookie Whores - Just 18, No. 2; Think Outside the Box; Blonde Factory; and All Aboard the Sodomy X-press A-Train."

Sounds like a possible John McCain advisor to me--maybe GOP Roger Stone (if you've followed his X-rated and racist adventures)


Todd Mason said...

Glad to read the good report, and of the good if wry spirits it's put you in...

Randy Johnson said...

Glad everything came out okay.

Anonymous said...

That's great news, Ed.

Ed Lynskey