Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why God Why

Before we get started this evening let me steer you to my home page. Thanks to the talents (and patience) of Deb Adams there are finally new graphics on the home page and a greatly enhanced Links column on this page. After working with me for some time Deb is now under a doctor's care and resting in a home filled with people who have contracted the dreaded and probably incurable Working On Computers With Ed Gorman disease. Yes, I really AM that stupid. Thanks, Deb.

Why God Why--

--Does the new Entertainment Weekly list four of Richard Widmark's best movies but fail to include Night and The City?

--Did Graham Greene get so much talent and me so little? If you want to read a perfect crime novelette that also happens to be true literature read The Fallen Idol.

--Do people think eBay is so cool when it's inflated prices beyond reson in many cases?

--Doesn't somebody tell Mariah Carey that less is more, that her videos look like direct to video porn with a moderately attractive sex object trying way too hard to the point of parody?

--Does the Amerian working class generally vote against its own economic interests time and again?


Gonzalo B said...

An answer to the last question might be found in Joe Bageant's Deer Hunting for Jesus. I recommend it if you haven't read it yet. It doesn't make it any less perplexing, however.

Todd Mason said...

1. Because they don't know shit.

2. As little as the first sentence is true, there does seem to be some advantage to British education in the simple handling of prose. Now, if you'd asked why Greene had so much talent and why, say, Deaver has so little, you could be a snotty as I...but have a better question. I haven't read "The Fallen Idol," but I think I will, soon. Thanks.

3. Because inflated prices beat not knowing things existed at all, for most people, I think. Haven't at least some pulp and book prices fallen, as the sheer previously-hidden availability of them has become evident? Maybe not, I hardly go on eBay any more and have been too busy to shop much.

4. Because Carey is one of those recording artists whose talent exceeds her taste or good sense, if less obviously so than, say, Presley or the younger Houston.

5. Because they've been convinced its a good idea in some cases, and because they don't really see anyone convincingly advocating their interests, so actually don't vote against their own interests and simply don't vote. Certainly a relatively small minority of citizens voted for either of Reagan's "landslides" did a small minority for the winner of the popular vote in 2000, Al "Oh, Do You Expect Me to Do Anything to Rid Us of This Electoral College Farce? Fat Chance!" Gore.

Ed Gorman said...

Wow Tod great answers!

Russell and Sherri Davis said...

Having been afflicted by the dread WOCWEG disease myself, I can testify that while this illness does exist, the attacks are short-lived, quite curable, and that no... you really aren't that stupid. Computers and software aren't really as intuitive as many folks claim.

Ian H. Smith said...

Number 6 is a great question. I have no clue. I think sometimes people are too entrenched or emotional to recognize their own needs.