Thursday, June 26, 2008


MYSTERY SCENE The usual blockbuster issue featuring a lengthy piece on Lawence Block; a fine article on how Joseph Wambaugh has inspired young people to join the police--and some of them to write fiction as well; an excellent Jon Breen on the late private eye writer Thomas B. Dewey. A serious look at fun court dramas; a really unique piece on the crime stories that are told in the songs of such performers as Johnny Cash and The Beatles among many others; a new star in the Southern cozy; and the most comprehensive book review section available anywhere. This issue is loaded with oustanding photographs and graphic designs.

CINEMA RETRO looks at the history of the famous noir movie Get Carter, with a massive overview of how the film came to be made and to be made with Michael Caine. Caine is interviewed for the article and the piece is packed with stills from the film. Joe Dante talks at length about his career and how Hollywood really works and what he's doing these days. And if you think Doris Day is dull you'll learn otherwise in A Day To Remember. A fascinating sad life story. Lots of with color photos plus the original Scream Queen Barbara Steele, The first Pink Panther movie and much ,much more.

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Anonymous said...

Ed, I couldn't agree more. It's another wonderful issue. I love the list of courtroom dramas. I have a few new movies to watch now.