Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Richard Lupoff; Gold Medal bestsellers; Richard Neely

Richard Lupoff is an afficiando of styles, voices, tropes and epochs. His body of work ranges from space adventure, literary parodies, satire, horror, comedy and his most venerable accomplishment, the masterful Marblehead, his novel about H.P. Lovecraft and the world of that era.

In Quintet: The Cases of Chase and Delacroix (Crippen & Landru) he introduces us to a pair of swells who, despite the Depression, practice their elegant life style while sleuthing their way through six Golden Age mysteries that would stump the combined talents of Rex Stout and John Dickson Carr. Witty, larky, clever the swank man and the swankier woman recall the filigreed mysteries of Thirties Hollywood.

A hoot and a pleasure.

From > Jeff Vorzimmer
Subject: RARA-AVIS: The Top Selling Gold Medal Authors
> For those on the list who might be interested. Here are the top 16 Gold
> authors based on the number of editions printed of all books:
> 1. John D. MacDonald
> 2. Richard S. Prather
> 3. Edward S. Aarons
> 4. Donald Hamilton
> 5. Stephen Marlowe
> 6. Peter Rabe
> 7. Vin Packer
> 8. Wade Miller
> 9. Charles Williams
> 10. Jonas Ward
> 11. Harry Whttington
> 12. Philip Atlee
> 13. William Heuman
> 14. Bruno Fischer
> 15. Louis L'amour
> 16. Gil Brewer

Richard Neely

I've been asked to write an introduction to a new edition of Richard Neely's novel Shattered. I'm a big Neely fan. I interviewed him for Mystery Scene sometime in or around 1991 when the movie version appeared. I'd really like to use that interview to base my introduction on. The problem is that all my copies of the magazines are at Coe College. If any of you have issues from that time would you check to see if you have the interview. I don't have to tell what a huge fortune sending me a copy will bring, do I? Thank you very much. Ed

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