Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cinema Retro#13

From the saucy front cover photo of Janet Leigh to the gritty back cover promo sheet for a spaghetti western the new issue of Cinema Retro is packed with goodies.

The first thing I read was the interview with Karen Black. Her career took a mysterious nose dive back in the Eighties. She explains why in a long intelligent piece that will continue in issue #14.

I next turned to The Espionage Movies of Alistair Maclean. I was a big fan of his early books. Here Dean Brierly makes the case that the super-hits based on Macleans war novels made the espionage films seem lesser. I agree with Brierly's excellent defense of films such as The Satan Bug and The Secret Ways. Strong films.

Roger Moore's career is celebrated; Ernest Borgnine is interviewed; and the making of Hammer's Devil-Ship Pirates is chronicled. And the article on Bruce Lee recalls the man's career in fascinating detail. And there's much much more.

The magazine is filled with great color photographs and sidebars loaded with information. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.


mybillcrider said...

I loved THE SECRET WAYS. Went to see it twice, and the film is what led me to MacLean's novels.

Cap'n Bob said...

Karen Black became one of Hubbard's slaves. Poor fool.