Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great news-The Prisoner returns

The Prisoner Returns To Television, But Where's the Novel?
From Galleycat today:

Today AMC resurrected all 17 episodes of the classic British television show, The Prisoner, and GalleyCat has one simple question: Who will bring back Thomas M. Disch's novel based on the surreal spy show?

Disch died last year, but among his many writing credits was the first novelization of The Prisoner--a spy thriller miniseries seemingly scripted by Franz Kafka and shot by Federico Fellini.

The free web video versions of the original series will prepare uninitiated viewers (and fans who couldn't afford the expensive DVD set) for the AMC remake of The Prisoner, scheduled for release this year. It's the perfect time to resurrect Disch's novel as a digital book or paperback.

And that's not the only Prisoner tie-in material we'd like to see resurface...

Go here for the rest including some mighy fine Jack Kirby artwork:


Martin Edwards said...

I was, and am, a fan of The Prisoner. If anyone visits Wales and hasn't been there before, I strongly recommend a trip to Port Meirion, the astonishing, unique and beautiful resort where the series was filmed.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Gosh, I loved that show. I wish I could get used to watching TV on a computer.

Todd Mason said...

Well, Patti, ask at your library, if you don't want to seek out a set of the DVDs. I suspect it has enough of an audience to look good to all but the most strapped of acquisition desks.

While the Disch, the only one I've read, is probably by some distance the best PRISONER tie-in, Hank Stine and David McDaniels also produced sequels to it, so a reprint of the omnibus volume might be in order (there was also a rather slight comics series/graphic novel, albeit well-rendered, in the '80s or early '90s).

Todd Mason said...
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Randy Johnson said...

Disch"s The Prisoner is the best of the three original novels. I have a set of the Ace paperbacks and an IBooks reprint of the Disch.

Did you know there is a fourth novel, The Prisoner's Dilemma by Powys Media published a few years ago. There was supposed to be six altogether, one by Robert Sheckley, but the rest have never materialzied and Sheckley, of course, passed away a few years ago.

David Cranmer said...

I have watched this show at least four times and it is brilliant. A unique one of a kind. However, I don't particularly care for that last episode but it doesn't ruin it for me.

Anonymous said...

Netflix has the 10 disc DVD set.
Terry Butler