Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Festivus

Ed here: Of all the Seinfeld lines and set-ups I've memorized none resonate more at holiday time than" Festivus for the rest of us" and Frank Costanza's immortal line "As I was raining blows upon his head (I realized) there must be a better way." Thus was Festivus born. Apparently I'm not alone.

Here's a story from CNN

(CNN) -- Long before company celebrators bench-pressed fax machines, partygoers performed competitive face-plants into ice water, or family members gathered around an aluminum pole to wield complaints at one another, the common people of ancient Rome began to act up.

They were the unruly lot during official religious holidays, the ones who were "raising hell on the streets" while the "elite were putting on their robes," said journalist Allen Salkin. The adverb to describe their behavior, he said: Festivus, the Latin world for "festive."

A few thousand years later, and thanks to a "Seinfeld" writer whose father had made Festivus a quirky household tradition, a 1997 episode of the famed sitcom popularized the peculiar day.

To hear it from Frank Costanza, the character played by Jerry Stiller, the December 23 observance calls for little more than the erection of an aluminum pole, the airing of grievances and the demonstration of feats of strength -- which preferably culminate in wrestling down to the ground and pinning the head of the household.


The Festivus faithful have gathered across the globe and have come together in places as various as seedy bars, campus squares and corporate boardrooms. Citizens, with varied degrees of success, have petitioned to raise Festivus poles beside public nativity scenes. Social networking sites and holiday-specific venues -- like and -- are go-to places for those who want to share the cheer, or jeers.

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RJR said...

Seinfeld. Oh, yuch!


Evan Lewis said...

And a fabulous Festivus to you too, Ed.

Cap'n Bob said...

Count me among The Rest of Us. I love Festivus.

Admin said...

happy Festivus

Mathew Paust said...

And, what the hell, Ed, a Merry Christmas, too! (too old to wrestle)

Brendan DuBois said...

It's a Festivus miracle, Ed! And best wishes to you and yours....

Charlieopera said...

Just finished Ticket To Ride ... Dynamite, brother ... review on next Knucksline.

"Here was going to torch Ringo."

Love it ... but why pick on the drummer?

Merry Christmas and a Happy Fesitvus to the rest of us.