Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fund Raiser

Last night Max Allan Collins was at his finest. I've always said that Al (Max) could be a very successful politician. He can hold a room with his mixture of serious and humorous comments.

Al's lovely wife Barb and my lovely wife Carol accompanied us to a winery where we answered the answers of fourteen people who bid on us at the Iowa City Library fund raiser. Traveling from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City/Coralville is like traveling to a different planet. I lived in IC twice and every time I go there I remember why I liked it so much. A different, hipper, freer atmosphere.

The winery was a cool place and so were the people who worked there. The men and women from the fund raiser were bright, quick and funny. Writer John Kenyon organized it and did a great job. I was glad to meet his father, too. As I told John, he lucked out in the Dad pool.

As always, Al kept everybody laughing, including me. The four of us had a fine old time. Thanks again to John Kenyon.


John Kenyon said...

Thank you to Ed and Max for a great evening. These two could probably talk all night if given the chance... and those of us lucky to listen probably would have let them. You two are class acts all the way.

Todd Mason said...

Ed--how'd you end up living in Cedar Rapids, then?

Ed Gorman said...

After the war we lived in different places and wound up here. I like it fine because I'm a hermit. Nice enough people for the most part just not much to do. Iowa City is like Disneyland. We plan to start going down there once a week.