Monday, April 12, 2010

A very cool dude

Punching Out
[Apparently a young tech analyst at Credit Suisse returned to the office drunk and left this messy present for a co-worker. He's since been fired, not surprisingly. Image via Dealbreaker]

Ed here: The pic and copy comes from Gawker today. Man just staring at that photo reminds me of my own days of working in an office and how much I wanted to do just what this guy did. To my own cubicle. This is a brilliant starting point (or end point) for a novel or film script.


Evan Lewis said...

A fantasy come true. My greatest act of rebellion was to put nasty customers on hold while I went for a loooong coffee break.

Todd Mason said...

My office cubicle does rather resemble that. (I am well-loved by the rententive around the floor.)

Quite Contrary said...

Ahoy, mateys!