Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great news for a great writer - Bill Pronzini

BOOBYTRAP by Bill Pronzini

BOOBYTRAP is an action thriller to be directed by the veteran second unit director and stunt coordinator Nicholas Powell (“Bourne Identity,” “28 Days Later,” “Gladiator,” and “The Last Samurai”). Based on the novel of the same name written by award-winning author Bill Pronzini, the script is written by Michael A. Simpson, executive producer of the Oscar-winning “Crazy Heart.”

"Mr. Powell has directed many of the most amazing action sequences in recent history including the famous car chase through Paris and the intense fight scenes in the 'Bourne Identity'. He will bring the same intensity to BOOBYTRAP with a vision that will give a new kick to the thriller genre," says Michael Simpson. Mr. Powell has worked with many outstanding actors and directors including Paul McGuigan, James Franco, Russell Crowe and Matt Damon.

Boobytrap is the story of Patrick Dixon, a highly successful prosecuting attorney. When a judge and a police detective are murdered by explosives, Dixon knows he might be the next target. All three men were involved in the conviction of Earl Latimer – a ruthless, mob hitman sentenced to life in prison for murder using booby traps. Now Latimer has escaped prison and Patrick fears for his family's safety.

Before Patrick can get his wife Kimberly and six-year-old son Matt out of harm's way, his family is trapped inside their home -- captives of a series of elaborately devised, intricately executed booby traps. Battling against a ticking clock, Kimberly fights to keep her son alive and find a way out while Patrick and the police feverishly work to find a way into the house without tripping the ultimate trap that will kill them all.

Too late Patrick discovers they've been fighting the wrong opponent -- the real killer is a much more intimate enemy.

This thriller is a fight against a clock that never stops ticking with a complex lead character thrust into a violent world. Just who the villain is, will keep the audience guessing until the last frame.

The film is financed and ready to go pending cast. Robbie Little of The Little Film Company is handling international sales. Toronto-based Original Pictures is producing. OP’s Kim Todd is the producer. Executive producers include Michael A. Simpson and Howard Meltzer of Informant Media, the company that produced “Crazy Heart,” and Ken Atchity and Chi-li Wong of Atchity Entertainment International.


Ben Boulden said...

That's excellent news. I'll be first in line to purchase tickets. Pronzini is one of my favorite writers, and his work is truly something special.

Todd Mason said...

Good. I can see a Nameless (and maybe an accompanying McCone) series if anyone pays attention to this one...

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Friday I went to a chain bookstore to pick up a book by Bill Pronzini. (Any book, not one in particular.) I was shocked to discover there wasn't a single title of his available.

Perhaps a movie will change that.


Cap'n Bob said...

I'm very happy for Bill, but when I think of those movies all I see are flash cuts and other egregious MTV effects. Then again, the same techniques are common to commercials for nearly everythng these days. Guess I'll have to see it and hope for the best.