Sunday, May 09, 2010


As much as I enjoy The Rap Sheet, I have to say that J. Kingston's Pierce's other website runs a very close second. Each week Killer Covers deals with paperback writers and artists of various stripes. Because Jeff does so much homework I always learn something new even about people I'd been reading about for years. If you haven't logged on yet now's the time.


Child Murdering Robot is the name of Ricky Sprague's tart, funny, well-informed take on various aspects of show business. Sprague is a highly acclaimed web cartoonist whose humor is hip, hilarious and occasionally dangerous. This is a site worth investigating.


Evan Lewis' Davy Crockett's Almanack is always worth reading. Writer and historian Lewis loves the old stuff and proves it by reprinting numerous stories from pulp magazines. Knowing my interest in the late pulp writer and legend Norbert Davis (one of John D. MacDonald's favorites) Evan was nice enough to reprint an entire Davis western novelette. Until I read it today I'd known only Davis' crime fiction, which was among the best of the Chandler generation. While the western Evan offers isn't exactly Shane, it's fun to watch a pro slip into another genre and do so well by it. This would have made a fine half TV program back in the heyday of thirty minute westerns.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

Thanks for the kudos, Ed.


Evan Lewis said...

Glad you enjoyed that story, Ed. I certainly agree about Mr. Pierce's blogs, and will be checking out that Child Murdering Robot!

Charlieopera said...

Those covers, madonna mia ... GREAT! Had I seen them when I was 12 or so, I doubt I would've left my ... well, you know.